Nelson County

Burglaries: The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating several burglaries that occurred at the Colleen Exxon. A bicycle and a green bag containing stolen merchandise from the Colleen Exxon was located in a ditch near Diggs Mountain Road in Arrington. The Nelson County Sheriff’s office would like to ask anyone that has information about the burglaries or who can identify the bicycle and bag to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

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Burglary: The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a nighttime burglary of the Stoney Creek Pharmacy, Rockfish Valley Highway, Afton, Va., which occurred on Saturday, October 13, 2001 at approximately 10:57 P.M. A lone suspect was captured on surveillance cameras as he entered the pharmacy by breaking out the front window. This was the fourth such burglary at this location during the year of 2001. The drugs commonly removed from the pharmacy on each occasion consisted of Diazepam, Hydrocodeine, and Oxycodone.

The suspect is described as: white male, medium height, medium build, shoulder length hair, beard and mustache, wearing a leather jacket and carrying a backpack.