Central Virginia Crime Stoppers, Inc. is a non-profit 501C(3) corporation that brings together law enforcement, the community and the news media in a joint effort to solve crime.

The program pays cash rewards up to $1,000 to people who call the special tip line and give enough information to help solve felony crimes.

*Callers remain anonymous and the tip line does not have caller ID.


The money for Crime Stoppers rewards comes from people just like you.
People who care about reducing crime, making their neighborhoods better places to live, and helping their local law enforcement officers.

Central Virginia Crime Stoppers, Inc. relies on your generosity. Individuals, businesses, corporations, clubs, professional associations, retailers and church groups can all make a difference by donating money, goods, services, or simply by telling others about Central Virginia Crime Stoppers.

Please help provide funding for Crime Stoppers. Send your check today to:
Central Virginia Crime Stoppers, Inc.
P. O. Box 2682
Lynchburg, VA 24501
(Donations are tax exempt.)



Each week, facts about an unsolved crime are provided to local television, radio and area newspapers. In publicizing these “crimes of the week”, the news media will ask citizens to call Crime Stoppers if they have any information that may be helpful in solving that particular crime or any other unadvertised unsolved crime.

The tip line is a toll-free number and can be accessed from any where in Central Virginia.

1- 888-798-5900
The giver of the tip receives a code number and the tip is communicated to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The Crime Stoppers board of directors (seated by all citizens, no law enforcement officers) then meets to review and decide on reward recommendations made by law enforcement coordinators.

When a reward is approved, the code number is communicated through the news media inviting the giver of the tip to call back and receive the reward. Delivery of the reward is not made by law enforcement officers.

People who call Crime Stoppers are never seen by the police, remain anonymous and can receive rewards up to $1,000 in cash. They never reveal their names or testify in court. Anonymity and confidentiality are the keys to the success of the program.

Crime doesn’t pay, but Crime Stoppers will.